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Hello,  my name is Jack Briggs and I am 18 years and I am currently living on the Gold Coast QLD. My love for game development started about 7 years ago when I first discovered "UNITY",  I messed around with the engine and fell in love with everything about making and developing games. 


My best mate Caleb Langley and I have been making games together since we both picked up the engine about 7 years ago and we made a couple of little projects together and a couple of projects alone as well. We are currently working on our biggest project yet FURTIVE under our group name Frozen Bullet Games.

Here is a showcase of some of my best work over the years.

Jack Briggs Online Portfolio


FURTIVE (2020-2022)

Unity - Level Designer, Gameplay Designer, Story Writer/Designer, Programmer

FURITVE is a first person single-player/ co-op, open world, story driven, survival craft game. That puts the player on an abandoned island that has been overtaken by a South African military and the players find a way to survive against the soldiers that are hunting and tracking them down. Featuring online multiplayer, AI enemies, building system, a large open world and many more features. This is a game Caleb and I have been working on since mid 2020 and is expected to be finished and fully released on steam by March 2022.


On this project I have developed the map that is partly shown in the screenshots above, the map includes lakes and rivers, vast landscapes and mountains, Unity's very own terrain tools was used to create this island along with GAIA which is a terrain and environment scene generator which helps to create beautiful landscapes along with a lot of manual work with the Unity tools. 

Grab 20210614120240 w1255h627 x1084y193z762r221.png
Grab 20210614114926 w1255h630 x1088y198z751r50.png

FURTIVE vehicles has been one of the main programming/coding aspects that I have worked on I programmed them so you can enter and exit the vehicles and depending on what your driving judges which speed you will go. These vehicles that will be placed around the map at various outposts/facilities,the vehicles that we have are a Humvee, Stryker tank, and a Truck all with a working turret mount, so when needed the player can swap seats into the turret seat and take down the enemies as needed, or in multi-player your friends can control the gun while you drive.

Grab 20211015103730 w1920h907 x13y50z-11r14.png
Grab 20211015102644 w1920h907 x125y46z-22r297.png
Grab 20211015103647 w1920h907 x41y50z8r189.png

I also modelled these secret facilities and buildings that are run by the military  that you'll find around the map, the photos above are just a quick glance into what these facilities look like on the inside. 

Video Trailers

Stranded Space was a sci-fi survival horror game. This was a Frozen Bullet project with myself and Caleb Langley, which was a remake on older project of ours. The game was never completed as we got too excited and ambitious with our ideas and weren't able to meet our own expectations as well as continuous corruption issues, so we decided to abandon the project.

image0 (6).jpg

The game saw the player sent to a space station to find out what had happened there because the station had gone offline and it was unknown as to why. Only the player would find the unexpected inside. The player was sent to complete many different missions to get the station back online while trying to survive the monster that sits in the darkness. The game also had two other modes which were in mid development, one of which was called "Survival" that saw the player surviving waves of attacks in various locations around the space station while planting bombs. The other mode was titled "Onslaught" where you would play as the monster and wreak havoc on the soldiers and take over the station. 

New Tab - Google Chrome 24_10_2021 3_54_48 PM (3).png
Wix Website Editor - Google Chrome 24_10_2021 3_58_27 PM (2).png

Wix Website Editor - Google Chrome 24_10_2021 4_09_49 PM (4).png
image0 (2).jpg
Wix Website Editor - Google Chrome 24_10_2021 4_10_34 PM (2).png

Although the game was never fully completed, we managed to use what was left over in projects following, and a lot of the skills and everything that was learned while developing this has really helped in others projects and especially in FURTIVE.

Stranded Space (2016)

stranded space 14_11_2016 3_33_50 pm-5pb8a9a4.png
stranded space 14_11_2016 3_37_04 pm-ti3xzb49.png
stranded space 14_11_2016 3_38_38 pm-qhggrsmm.png

This is the original version of Stranded Space which was entered into GameJolt's 2016 Asylum Jam, that had competitors develop a fully completed game in 48 hours which are then judged by the community to decide the best game, overall Stranded Space placed 17th amongst the hundreds of entries.

We had a couple of youtubers play through the game.

Stranded Space (2017-2018)

Unity - Gameplay Designer, Story Designer, Level Designer
Cheez Castle 
Unity - Solo Project
Chee'z Castle 23_10_2021 11_17_17 AM.png

Cheez Castle was a small 3D platform game that has the player jumping across floating platforms, while defeating enemies on the way to get to the door at the end of the room and save the princess who was kidnapped. 

The game was created for GameJolt's Adventure Jam in 2016 where competitors had 48 hours to make an Adventure game and then is judged by the community to decide who the winner was. 

Chee'z Castle 23_10_2021 11_18_33 AM.png
Chee'z Castle 23_10_2021 11_19_59 AM.png
Zombie Game
Films & TV 29_10_2021 7_21_22 PM.png
Films & TV 29_10_2021 7_22_24 PM.png

This zombie game was a school assignment for a class called "Digital Technologies", the game was made in about 1 week and a half within the small time I had in class to make it. i had a few friends and teachers play test this and they all loved it. 

Films & TV 29_10_2021 7_22_11 PM.png
Films & TV 29_10_2021 7_22_39 PM.png

Even thought this was a school project I still had a lot of fun making this and I learnt a lot of different skills including AI zombies amongst a lot of others things. I also created the entire environment from assets from the "UNITY Asset Store. although there is a few minor bugs that I just didn't have time to fix the game plays really well for a game that was made in a very short amount of time.

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