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Hello, I am Caleb Langley and I am 19 years old currently living on the Gold Coast QLD. My deep passion for game development started about 7 years ago when I first picked up the Unity engine, played around with it and fell in love with the process of crafting interactive experiences.

I have been working alongside my best mate Jack Briggs where we have been making our own games for a couple years and are currently working on our flagship game FURTIVE under our group name Frozen Bullet Games.

Here is a showcase of some of my notable projects over the years.

Caleb Langley - Online Portfolio


Multiplayer took me months of personal research to achieve for FURTIVE. Online multiplayer is something I've always wanted to do in game development but has always been the hardest concept for me to grasp, I have attempted it before in previous projects but FURTIVE is the first success I have had with networking in Unity. For online multiplayer in this game, I take advantage of Steam's lobby and matchmaking API to handle online lobbies and connecting players together. The rest of the networking code uses a networking library called Mirror.

Concept to Realisation


Video Trailers

FURTIVE (2020-2022)

Unity - Gameplay Programmer, Networking, Designer, UI, Graphic Designer, Character Models

FURTIVE is a first person co-op open world survival craft game that puts players on an island where they have to survive against military soldiers hunting them down. Featuring online multiplayer, AI enemies, building system, a large open world and many more features. This is a game Jack and I started working back in the middle of 2020 and is intended to fully release on steam in March 2022.

Screenshot (8).png
Screenshot (67).png

On this project I developed features and game mechanics from the ground up such as FURTIVE's modular building system which was inspired by other popular survival games. The building system I developed uses trigger box colliders around existing building parts and camera raycasting to snap new building parts into position.

Screenshot (64).png

FURTIVE's enemy AI soldiers I developed using Unity's nav agent and nav mesh system. These AI soldiers are capable of detecting players, shooting at players while also moving around to avoid taking damage and patrolling/guarding key areas. I have been playing around with Unity's AI system for a while and have used it before on another project (Zombie Island). 

Screenshot (69).png
Screenshot (57).png
Screenshot (56).png
Screenshot (63).png
Screenshot (359).png
Screenshot (48).png

I have designed and programmed many UI interfaces for FURTIVE's interactive gameplay mechanics like our wandering trader, an NPC who offers item exchanges to players, also packed with a reputation system which can affect item prices. Other interfaces such as the inventory also feature small item crafting and storage boxes that allow players to keep their items safe.

Screenshot (57).png
inventory overhaul.png
Screenshot (63).png
Screenshot (262).png
Screenshot (358).png

Cover Art Evolution

Evolution from Prototyping

Evolution from Prototyping

Screenshot (254).png
Screenshot (95)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (227).png

Pirate Of The Sea (2019-2020)

Unity - Solo Project
Screenshot (233).png

Pirate of The Sea (POTS) is a 2D single player open world pirate adventure where players would pick up quests, sail to different islands, fight dangerous battles and collect loot to sell for gold. This was a solo project I worked on for a while, during development I released a demo for players to try out a small part of the game and give me feedback on. Eventually I unfortunately put this project to rest to focus development on FURTIVE.

Screenshot (210).png
Screenshot (241).png
Screenshot (249).png

All aspects of this game I made myself, from the artwork, to the music, and to the programming. This project had a lot of challenges to offer, not just in the development phase, but also in the designing phase as there is a big difference between designing 2D and 3D games. This game featured day and night cycles which were done effectively by fading opacities between different sky gradients I created, a weather system with rain, lightning and fog which used Unity's particle system, and parallax background elements which gave the player a sense of movement when sailing between islands.

Screenshot (235).png
Screenshot (241).png

Character customisation was a big feature to develop in this game, players could select from many different hair styles, facial hair styles, hair colours and skin tones to personalise their character. Later in the game the player could also collect different tops and bottoms to customise their clothing. The best thing that came from this was I could also build a system for all the NPCs to generate random appearances for them using these different styles.

Screenshot (252).png

Combat and AI combat were a huge focus in the development cycle and took time to get it right. I had weapons such as swords and pistols and iterated for weeks on making these weapons fun to play with in a 2D setting as well as having responsive AI to combat against. The AI's thought process is to shoot at a safe distance from the player and attack with a sword if the player got too close to them. Here is a gameplay clip of the game's first mission showing off character customisation, player combat and AI combat.


Stranded Space is a sci-fi survival horror game inspired by games such as Dead Space. This was a Frozen Bullet project with Jack Briggs and myself. This project was a remake of another game we made for GameJolt's Asylum Jam 2016, a game jam where competitors had only 48 hours to make a horror game. This project was never completed due to scope creep, and got too ambitious for us to finish and was abandoned as we entered our third year of highschool.

image0 (7).jpg
image0 (5).jpg
image0 (4).jpg

The idea behind the game was that the player was sent to investigate a space station that has gone offline due to unknown reasons, only to find a horror within. The player had to complete various missions while surviving the monster and eventually get back up. There were two side modes also in mid development, one titled "Survival" where you would go to specific locations and survive waves of attacks while planting bombs. The other mode "Onslaught" was where you could play as the monster taking over the station.


This was the first large scale project we started, everything before this we wanted to keep small to stay in our depth but we wanted to go big with this one. We saw a massive lift in visual quality in this project compared to previous projects as we learned a couple things about texturing and lighting throughout development which changed the way we do our visuals for the better.

image0 (3).jpg
image0 (2).jpg
image0 (1).jpg

Even though the project was not completed, we were still able to salvage a lot from this project which was reworked and inspired the projects we did after, such as FURTIVE. A lot of the skills we learned on this project was also taken into everything we do now. 

Stranded Space (2016)

stranded space 14_11_2016 3_33_50 pm-5pb8a9a4.png
stranded space 14_11_2016 3_37_04 pm-ti3xzb49.png
stranded space 14_11_2016 3_38_38 pm-qhggrsmm.png

This is the original version of Stranded Space that was submitted as our entry for GameJolt's Asylum Jam 2016. We had 48 hours to make the game from the ground up to completion. From memory it came 18th place out of the hundreds of games that were submitted. We had a couple youtubers playthrough it.

Stranded Space (2017-2018)

Unity - Gameplay Programmer, Designer, Animation

The Banana Thief (2016)

Unity - Solo Project
screenshot (59)-supn4dfi.png

The Banana Thief was a small game I made about the player having to protect his crystal banana against waves of monkeys trying to steal it. The player has to use deadly throwable bananas and traps to kill the monkeys before they reach the crystal banana and cause a game over for the player. This game was released on GameJolt for free to play.

screenshot (56)-bcbja8yw.png
screenshot (57)-mgvafxph.png
screenshot (61)-yckym6zd.png

This game had one update that brought a day/night option, shops to buy more bananas and traps, removed unlimited resources, and improved visuals. This game also featured local split screen co-op where the second player could play as the monkey and spawn in AI monkeys to help them win against the Banana Guy.

Copy Rig (2020) - Unity Asset Store

Unity - Solo Project
Screenshot 2021-10-11 015240.png

Copy Rig is a Unity editor tool I created myself while working on FURTIVE. During development I needed a tool to copy poses between different character models with a similar bone rig structure. So I created my own tool to achieve this, and I use this tool all the time when creating stills for renders as it can be easily used to copy poses from animations and be pasted outside the animation to retain the pose on the character. It is currently available on the Unity Asset Store to download for free.


It was an interesting experience taking a quick detour from my game to quickly release a useful editor tool on the Unity Asset Store. Creating custom tools is something I rarely need to do but for this project it was essential to have a tool like this to improve my workflow when creating the renders we use for promotional material.

Zombie Island (2018)

Unity - Solo Project
Screenshot 2021-10-11 021205.png

Zombie Island is a first person shooter where you survive hordes of zombies using your gun, grenades and even a car to run them over with. This game was made in "Digital Technologies" class at school for an assignment, it was made within the short class hours I had. My classmates had a blast playtesting this for me, so I decided to throw this small game up on GameJolt for free to download.

Screenshot 2021-10-11 021533.png
Screenshot 2021-10-11 021608.png
Screenshot 2021-10-11 021655.png

Despite being a small project for fun and for school, I still learnt some really important techniques that I use now, for example this is the first project I learned and used Unity's Navigation Mesh Agents for the AI zombies. The nav mesh agents are really useful for guiding the AI across the terrain, through obstacles by calculating the quickest path to the player.

Run 'n' Jump (2015)

run 'n' jump-hrikigb8.png

Run 'n' Jump is one of my first few games, a simple 2D platformer inspired by Scott Cawthon's "There Is No Pause Button!" The game is about the player (green guy) running away from the red NPC who is chasing the player. The player as to get through the levels avoiding the obstacles and avoid getting tagged by the red guy. This game is available to download for free on GameJolt.

screen shot 2015-10-13 at 7.39.07 pm-jstawp3f.png
screen shot 2015-10-13 at 7.37.21 pm-cyvgtnyr.png
screen shot 2015-10-13 at 7.38.13 pm-h7dazhgp.png

One of the few projects I still have available online, this one is special to me because it's the first project I got a small group of friends together for a few playtests and surveyed them for feedback. I also started using saving and loading techniques such as Unity's player prefs to save the player's unlocked levels.

Unity - Solo Project
Screenshot 2021-10-27 214615.png
Screenshot 2021-10-27 220140.png

At my high school I completed a certificate III course in screen and media which took 2 years to complete. This course focused on graphic design and animation, through multiple units.

koala - caleb langley.png
fire fighter layer mask.png

CERTIFICATE III in Screen and Media (2021)

Robina State High School

Here's a dump of some graphic design artworks I made in my spare time for fun, I made these for a little practice in photoshop and the techniques I discovered while making these influence the works I make today. I ended up posting all of these on Reddit under u/starwuzerd which some of them gained a fair amount of attention.

fives and echo 4k dual monitor.png
scout trooper mobile.png
Solo Project

Personal Graphic Design (2019)

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